One day it just clicked… I finally realised that all of those people who trampled on my heart and walked away without ever glancing back at the ruins they left behind, served a bigger purpose in my life than they could ever know. All the people whose raging storms rained on my parade, the ones who tirelessly tried to snuff my flame, the ones who never saw my worth, and the ones who took me for granted, they all taught me invaluable lessons. They taught me how to give myself the love I never received. They taught me to fight for what I want to achieve. They taught me to be strong each time I picked myself up off the floor. They taught me to have the patience for what I deserve. You see, they actually paved the way for all the beautiful souls destined to enter my life and stay. So, I enhanced that beaten path with street signs and lamp posts illuminated by my eternal light and I’m honoured to guide them home. My heart is full of love that flows freely and abundantly with those I cherish most. They make all the pain that I have endured worth it and I am perpetually grateful.


I just go on do things naturally whatsoever I feel to do, whatsoever I feel to say because I don't have any obligation to anybody, I don't have any commitment to anybody. I don't belong to any party line. I am absolutely free to be funny, to be shocking. I don't even bother about contradicting myself because to me it seems a person who remains consistent his/her whole life must be an idiot. A growing person has to contradict himself/herself many times because who knows what tomorrow brings in? Tomorrow may cancel this day completely. I am ready to go on with life with no hesitation. Contradictions have something of tremendous value. They appear a contradiction to the intellect. But deep down contradictions are compensatory. They depend on each other.

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