Your eyes. (To Sultana)

Your eyes, your dark brown eyes, mesmerising eyes, sparkling bright eyes, hypnotising eyes, intoxicating eyes, enthralling eyes…. I cannot help but look at your beautiful eyes. You may laugh at my stupidity, innocence or my childishness but I reiterate zillions of times that I love your eyes because the irresistible charm in them makes you more beautiful. I love staring at your eyes and I even dream of them at times. Your eyes are so perfect in their own sense and all they seem to ask for is to be kissed and cared for. The glimmer in them can melt the harshest of hearts. The warmth in them always brings me a smile and makes my day. Oh girl, your eyes are just heavenly and when I look at them, things get all right. You may call it obsession but I call it admiration as I look at your lashes so fondly. I am so captivated by the absolute beauty of those beautiful pearls of brown. So much has to be said about your enchanting eyes; so much is still left to be said. I can tarnish page after page to tell you that nothing can match up the beauty of your eyes, my lady.


I just go on do things naturally whatsoever I feel to do, whatsoever I feel to say because I don't have any obligation to anybody, I don't have any commitment to anybody. I don't belong to any party line. I am absolutely free to be funny, to be shocking. I don't even bother about contradicting myself because to me it seems a person who remains consistent his/her whole life must be an idiot. A growing person has to contradict himself/herself many times because who knows what tomorrow brings in? Tomorrow may cancel this day completely. I am ready to go on with life with no hesitation. Contradictions have something of tremendous value. They appear a contradiction to the intellect. But deep down contradictions are compensatory. They depend on each other.

2 thoughts on “Your eyes. (To Sultana)

  1. Aww, thank you will never be enough to express what I feel. Your talent is boundless, I am eternally grateful and happy to be a part of your life and now part of your poetry too.

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