Maybe someday, maybe soon.

The black ink ran down the pages of my little notebook. Enlightened by that lamp, the notebook was drowned. I was writing in my room when I ended up falling asleep and the ink got the opportunity to escape. With heavy eyes, I watched the black ink invade the blank pages. I had just started writing and the virginity of the white paper had already been penetrated by the black ink. The clock on my side table indicated 23:55. A new day was waiting to be lived in different ways. A new day that offered the pleasure of dreaming and the pleasure of believing once again. 11:56 p.m. We believe it, yes! We believe in the promise of the dawn, the rays of the sun that comes to awaken us. 11:57 p.m. Do you remember what color was the sky that day? Do you remember the few seconds that preceded our meeting? 11:58 p.m. I took a taxi that day, it was about two o’clock. I had put on that grey turtle neck sweater and it had become my favorite sweater. 11:59 p.m. The moment of meeting was not calculated, that of the farewell, on the other hand, was expected.I did not have the courage to turn around. I smiled promising a new meeting. 0:00 Maybe someday, maybe soon. Between the past and the future, only the present belonged to me. 0:01 It was a new day. I tore the blackened pages of my notebook and with them the date of my calendar. I plunged into the bed, dreaming of the color of the sky that he would make that day. Maybe someday, maybe soon.


I just go on do things naturally whatsoever I feel to do, whatsoever I feel to say because I don't have any obligation to anybody, I don't have any commitment to anybody. I don't belong to any party line. I am absolutely free to be funny, to be shocking. I don't even bother about contradicting myself because to me it seems a person who remains consistent his/her whole life must be an idiot. A growing person has to contradict himself/herself many times because who knows what tomorrow brings in? Tomorrow may cancel this day completely. I am ready to go on with life with no hesitation. Contradictions have something of tremendous value. They appear a contradiction to the intellect. But deep down contradictions are compensatory. They depend on each other.

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