Because being committed is too mainstream!

I read between the lines and I listen between the words to stories of people around. I read about the desire for sharing, for tenderness. I read about desires and needs, and I understand that we’re all human in the end. I sometimes read about the fear of loneliness. I read about the fear to trust, about the aching heart that wonders if the wounds will heal. I read about abandonment. But I also read about hope.

I listen to resignation: “love is not for me”, “it’s my last chance”, and worse: “who would want me?”. I see people embarking on relationships without emotions and feelings. Happiness for two, I believe, is perhaps only an illusion.

Celibacy chosen and therefore accepted is a source of peace and harmony. Relationships that are forced can weigh heavy and can prove to be an additional burden that we drag, leading to collateral damage of all our past experiences.

I have written for a long time about these fears and doubts. But everything heals with time, patience and some form of forgiveness (depending on what best suits us at a moment), with a lot of love for oneself.

Love exists. It is not necessarily be around the corner. It waits for the right moment in order to write a story together. Yes, we come back. However, it is important for you to know about what you want, what matters and not only be satisfied with more or less, an illusory relationship, which is there only to make us forget someone else, make us move on or make us forget our loneliness.

We come back stronger, more anchored, with more self-esteem, willing to commit and to trust. Without sacrificing nor denigrating ourselves. We come back, able to say words like “no” and “stop” and be able to leave if the relationship does not suit us anymore. As for you as I listen, do not let your fears dictate your way of being, doing, acting and reacting. Trust yourself. Rebuild yourself and look at the horizon with a light heart. We come back stronger in the end. Love will one day cross your path.

Being single sometimes is negatively viewed by many people. In fact, we live in a society that promotes the fulfillment of women through the existence of a man on his side. If we follow the logic of the environment in which we live in, a young girl can be happy and fulfilled only if she has a man in her life and beware if she celebrates and values herself (too much), the man will certainly take to his heels. A very limited and reductive reflection, is it not? Well, we still have a long way to go before mentalities are renewed and evolve towards a more enriching image of celibacy.

So for now, let me unleash the chains of your ills and by my linguistic art allow me to penetrate your wounds from a broken heart, with my words. Be reassured that in an environment of zero gravity, you can be recovered. Being single is not a curse in itself, but rather a moment of recoil to embrace self-value and to fully enjoy life and to see clearer and be able to  view life in a more mature way. Because being committed is too mainstream!



I just go on do things naturally whatsoever I feel to do, whatsoever I feel to say because I don't have any obligation to anybody, I don't have any commitment to anybody. I don't belong to any party line. I am absolutely free to be funny, to be shocking. I don't even bother about contradicting myself because to me it seems a person who remains consistent his/her whole life must be an idiot. A growing person has to contradict himself/herself many times because who knows what tomorrow brings in? Tomorrow may cancel this day completely. I am ready to go on with life with no hesitation. Contradictions have something of tremendous value. They appear a contradiction to the intellect. But deep down contradictions are compensatory. They depend on each other.

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