All we need is love! (Valentine’s Day)

Just go shopping and all the stores are decked out in red to celebrate it. Yes, I am talking about Valentine’s Day! Celebrated on the 14th of February! Who was St Valentine and why was he such a romantic? My ten minutes of research online suggests that the origin stories for Valentine’s Day abound from the Roman fertility festival of Lupercalia to the tale of the martyred St. Valentine. Nothing very romantic about that! Then I read February 14th is commonly believed to be the start of birds’ mating season, adding to the idea that the middle of February should be a day of romance. Even Shakespeare got in on it: in Hamlet (written around the turn of the 17th century) Ophelia sings, “Tomorrow is Saint Valentine’s day, All in the morning betime, And I a maid at your window, To be your Valentine.” Such a hype about it!

Just log onto your Facebook and your news feeds are either a weird mix of couples showing their love or others showing their twisted insides in anti-love rants. The media is going rampant with it. It’s all over social networking sites, I have to say. Does anyone actually love Valentine’s Day? Yes! The manufacturers of lingerie, chocolates, and cards, the rose flower sellers, the restaurants’ owners; they all do! I can’t help but notice the Valentine’s Day paraphernalia in the stores: the cards, the chocolates, the teddy bears, the flowers, and the roses, the expressions of undying love, the love songs on the radio, cute couple holding hands smiling lovingly into each others eyes and amongst others. Sorry. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. Excuse me while I swallow my own vomit.

Valentine’s Day – It sure means spending more money on gifts and seeing obnoxious public displays of affection everywhere you go. I have never understood why people should go the extra mile to celebrate love on just one day out of the year. But why this specific date, I mean, who on this planet had the right and authority to decide that this particular day had to be celebrated as a day of love? Why can’t we just not buy into this commercial gimmick and live all days with love instead of going all extravagantly lovey-dovey one day? Love should be celebrated fully every single day, don’t you think? You don’t need a designated day to express your love, do you?

My opinion aside, love is a most beautiful feeling and we shall all celebrate it every single day. Single or taken, everyone should feel love in their lives in one way or another. It sure is a special day for lovebirds to celebrate their relationship, enjoy each others company, and hopefully receive copious amounts of chocolate. But most importantly I presume, you have to learn to love your own darn self more on that very day.

Love is not in the gifts, the flowers, the chocolates you receive or the sexual intercourse after a candle light dinner. Love is in taking care of yourself; love is in spending quality time with your parents; love is in cooking or baking in the company of your mom in the kitchen, love is in your grandparents’ advice and stories; love is in dad’s hug or a forehead kiss; love is in your little sister’s colouring the family pic with her broken crayons; love is in watching a football match with your friends from your locality; love is in that stranger’s smile; love is everywhere! We just need to learn to savour little moments of happiness like these, the ones that make your lips stretch a bit and makes you glow.

I have nothing against valentine’s day or lovers. I am just annoyed about the commercialism associated to the very essence of love. Go forth into the world and put a little more love and smile into it than what was there before. On this note, happy valentine’s day!valentinesday-cards