Professor Basdeo Bissoondoyal College- A Palace unlike others!


Erstwhile, more precisely on the 13th of June 1930, thunder and lightning struck. Zillions of shiny particles fell and pooled together giving birth to a King with a vision to give his people the most precious gift of life, that of education. The King’s name was Mr. Ramnath Jeetah and in January 1956 he founded his castle at “Flacq-land” in order to make secondary education accessible to all the people of his country. The Castle’s name was Eastern College and it was renamed on 4th September 1991 as Professor Basdeo Bissoondoyal College (PBBC) as a tribute to Professor Basdeo Bissoondoyal for his immense contribution in the campaign against illiteracy and ignorance.

The King- The Godfather- Mr. Ramnath Jeetah

In that majestic palace, there lived about 3000 beautiful beings, that is, the princes and princesses. The castle was the biggest among the many other little castles (private secondary schools) around the island of Mauritius.  PBBC palace was irreplaceable and those residing there were unique. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that they had their own cultures and values which they spread everywhere they go and even on their “Facebook” group. ( ).



The Legacy!
The Palace.

The PBBC princes and princesses have always stood by each other, bringing fame and success to their realm, be it in sports and in their academic field.  They excelled in several competitions namely drama, boxing, and football amongst other arenas. Hand in hand with their Educators and all the members (administrative and non-teaching staff) in the palace, who had an unquestionable zeal for knowledge coupled with clarity of thought and beauty, the PBBC princes and princesses achieve wonders and spread the PBBC fragrance and culture wherever they go.

Guided by their “Queen-mothers”, (Dr. D. Beharee (Rector-Girls) and Ms. N. Jeetah (Rector- Boys), the elder princes and princesses made it a must to set an exemplary behavior for the little princes and princesses to follow. They always carry themselves with Royalty for they believe in their motto: “Enter to learn…Go forth to serve”.  They all work like busy ants to organize events like sports day, open day, and so on in order to promote the PBBC culture. There is panoply of flagrant instances where they come as a family to serve others. The passion of serving each other for them is like the shared feeling with each other to keep up to the name of the school and fellow PBBC princes and princesses are kins, the uniform is their skin, the castle (school) a home and education, a religion beyond any barrier that creates citizens of tomorrow.

Singing the song “Forward Bissoondoyal college march on, march on, march!” made them different from others for they flaunt it like they mean it no matter what. The song:

“Forward Bissoondoyal college march on, march on, march!

Raise the motto you deserve:
” Enter to learn go forth to serve”
March on, march on, Boys and Girls!
Boys and Girls, march on march!
In splendid array, march on, march!
For today it’s our day!
So, let us cheer,Hurray! Hurray!

Forward Bissoondoyal college march on, march on, march!
Let us resound and thrill today.
Let us make known to this island
That we grow on Flacq’s land.
Under the care of our manager
Whose name stands today ane ever!
Today and ever!”

The castle (school) is very well reputed for its harmonious PBBC culture and is classified among the biggest private secondary institutions in Mauritius. Professor Basdeo Bissoondoyal College has a specific recipe which kept them in solidarity all the time, that recipe is of no secret for the cookery is always successful  as more PBBC princes and princesses join in, in good and bad times to support their family; the “PBBC-Family”. This shows how much the beautiful beings at Professor Basdeo Bissoondoyal College admire their palace (School), their PBBC family and how much they want it to prosper.

Where else apart from Professor Basdeo Bissoondoyal College, can you find princes and princesses having the culture of munificence all the time? Well, that is why the PBBC palace (PBBC College) is the most special of all the palaces (Colleges). They have their own specialities and on this day they are celebrating the 60th year in the service of education. Hard as one may try, no other beings from other castles can ever inculcate their values and culture. Some are born great (like the King, Mr. Ramnath Jeetah, some achieve greatness (the educators at PBBC), and some have greatness imparted to them (the princes and princesses).

Long live Professor Basdeo Bissoondoyal College (Palace)!