“Eye” love your eyes!

What exactly are you, brown-eyed guy?
You stare at me with those bright eyes; yes you do.
My eyes now able to meet your gaze would scream silently: “oh your eyes! They get me high!”
And you nodded showing that you understood, may be.

I see an ocean of intoxication, and all I do is look away,
close my eyes and dive in,
forgetting that I don’t know how to swim.
Asking them as birthday gift would be too selfish
and ridiculously childish!

Those sparkles and twinkles of your eyes are deeply momentous.
Endlessly deep they sure are!
Would you let me stare into them for a single moment?
Just gazing into them, is all I wish.
Oh boy, I wish you knew how perfect they are to me.
They capture me, enrapture me!

Your eyes, mesmerising eyes, enthralling eyes,
Intoxicating eyes, weed-smoking eyes,
stoned eyes, nicotine-addicted eyes!
“ Eye” love your eyes;
for they make my day, yes they do!