Arsenal Fans Club of Mauritius’ Arsenalistic Culture!

Once upon a time, in the beautiful island of Mauritius at Arsenal-land, thunder and lightning struck. Zillions of red and white, yellow and blue shiny particles fell and pooled together giving birth to the “Arsenal Fans Club of Mauritius.” The club has around 500+ wonderful beings, who always keep the club’s name high. Their Club is unique among the many clubs of the island. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that they have their own Arsenalistic culture and Goonastic values which they spread everywhere they go and even on their facebook group.

In fact they call themselves the Gooners (for the males) and the Goonerettes (for the females). The Gooners and Goonerettes have such team spirit among themselves that they always stand by each other, trying to comfort their family when Arsenal F.C. would lose, draw or even win the game. Hand in hand and with the amazing organizers in the group, the Gooners and the Goonerettes achieve wonders and spread the Arsenalistic fragrance and beauty wherever they go. Directed by the King-father (The President), the elder Gooners and Goonerettes made it a must to set an exemplary behaviour of being an ardent, sincere and die-hard fan, for the little Gooners and Goonerettes to follow.

They always carry themselves with Royalty for they believe, they have the Royal Arsenal blood and DNA in them. They all work like busy ants to organize events, to post all up-to-date news about Arsenal F.C. and to promote their Arsenalistic culture. A flagrant instance could be the case of the event of the match they recently watched as one family at Talking Drums at Bagatelle where many Gooners and Goonerettes came together to share the passion, that of watching football, in the Arsenal way of course. The passion of football for them is like the shared feeling with other fans to go behind the team and fellow Gooners and Goonerettes are kins, the kit is their skin, the stadium a home and football, a religion beyond any barrier as it creates bonding.

Feeling Goonastic, being Arsenal-holic, saying COYG (Come’on You Gooners), Singing: “The Red Army song, screaming up some chants like: “Nananana nananana Giroud”, “Aaron Ramsey, he scores when he wants”, “Özil to the Arsenal, Özil to the Arsenal” or still the showing off  of their  £42.5 million “wizard of Öz” and so on, boasting about “The Invincibles”, about being “Top of the league”, praising King Henry forever, saying loud: “In Wenger, We Trust”, believing in the team through wins, draws and losses, these are all that made them different from others for they flaunt it (The Arsenal F.C. team) like they mean it even when they are said to be going through an 8-year trophy drought.

The club is very well reputed for its harmonious Arsenalistic culture and is classified among the best. “Arsenal Fans Club of Mauritius” has a specific recipe which kept them in solidarity all the time, that recipe is of no secret for the cookery is always successful  as more Arsenal fans  join in, in good and bad times to support the team. Even the Queen of England has supported the team for more than 50 years and it says it all. What is good with the Gooners and Goonerettes  of “Arsenal Fans Club of Mauritius” is that they always support their team, always positively accept criticisms, always welcome the fans of other club in all their friendliness and open-mindedness attitudes to watch football match in their company, and always sing their Arsenalistic chants of the Arsenal-land. This showed how much the Gooners and the Goonerettes admire their club, their Arsenal family and how much they want it to prosper.

Where else apart from Arsenal-land, can you find fans being Goonerish all the time? Well, readers, that is why “Arsenal Fans Club of Mauritius” is the most special of all clubs. They have their own specialities. Hard as one may try, no fans’ club can ever inculcate the Goonastic, Wengerish values and culture of the “Arsenal Fans Club of Mauritius.” “Arsenal Fans Club of Mauritius” was the best, is the best and will always remain the  best.

Long live “Arsenal Fans Club of Mauritius”!

Ps. “I was born a Gooner/Goonerette, I became Arsenal-holic; I always feel Arsenalistically Goonastic; for we are all Goonerish and I shall definitely say COYG while dying!

*Victoria Concordia Crescit*

© #LadyGoonerette (Niketa Matabudul) 

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