Taking time to express gratitude and appreciating the people in your life

Every one of us has people in our life who has helped shape us into who we are today, people who have been there to comfort us in a time of loss, those who encouraged us when we’re down, and those on whom we can count on when nobody else is around. Have you ever taken a few seconds out of your busy life to tell these people how much you appreciate them? Don’t wait until it’s too late to tell them, express appreciation while they are still around. Take time to thank those who have made you better.

There are people around you who are making you look good, people who are working hard to make your life easier, people who have gone out of their way, making sacrifices so that you can accomplish your dreams. None of us got to where we are on our own. The more you give credit to others, the more God will bless you. The scripture says humble yourself and God will exult you. There are no such self made persons.

Even at the moment when we were born, people were watching over us – doctors, nurses and medical staffs. As we grew up, our parents, our grandparents, our relatives, our siblings and our friends made sure we were taken care of. We all had friends, teachers, mentors, who went the extra miles to make us better.

There are people whom we might not think much about and they are in the shadows but they make our life easier. We sleep peacefully at night knowing that the police or our parents are here for our security. Our streets stay clean because the trash collectors come weekly to clean them, the shelves have just what we need in a supermarket or a shop because the workers keep updating the stock, we never face such problem of electricity because when we switch on the light, the brightness is there and likewise the list goes on and on. Thus, your life is easier because somebody is serving you directly or indirectly, because somebody is investing in you. Are we thanking them? Do you tell them how you appreciate them, do you express your gratitude with a small word of thank you.

I personally have friends who have believed in me. I realized the reason I look good is because I have people around me who do make me look good – incredible friends, an amazing family, a fantastic environment, and I am quick to give them the credit. Don’t take for granted the people who are making your life easier. Give them the proper credit.

Be generous with a word of thank, take time to express appreciation, write a note, send a text, or choose the old fashion way – pick up the phone and say: “Hey I want to tell you how much you mean to me, thank you for making me look good. Thank you for everything” Simple words can create magic. When you acknowledge the sacrifices of those people who invest in you, of their input, of their talent, it builds up loyalty. Acknowledge their contribution to help you go further.

Lack of thanks erodes loyalty. Thank the doctors and nurses who took care of you when you are not well. Thank the teachers/ lecturers who are investing in you or in your children’s future. Thank your parents for the things they do for you, thank them for the things you are taking for granted, thank your neighbours for being cooperative, thank your friends for being there for you, thank your bread seller who ensures you get something to eat each day, thank the bus drivers who wake up early just to ensure that you go to work or university on time every morning, thank the one who smiles at you, because just thinking of someone’s smile may make your day. All in all thank everyone who makes you feel better and look better.

Give them a big hug or kiss them on the forehead if it is needed. Walking by people, you do not realize how instrumental people are. If they were not there, you would be nothing. The proverb 27:17 says: “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” (New International Version of the Bible). You need to earn blessings. Do not take life or the people in your life as secondary. When you are humble with yourself and say thank you, then healing takes place, relationships are restored. Give in this habit of appreciating people in your life. Appreciate the people in your life who have stood by you through thick and thin. Enlist their support to help you become more positive, and in the process you will probably help them too. Friends help each other through the good times and bad. Feel positive about them and feel lucky to have good friends in your life.

Did you thank your parents today? They help you with your homework, prepare your breakfast, stay late at night when you are not well. Just take a minute and say: “Hey mom, thank you for making my life easy”, “Hey dad thank you for making me a better person, for being an inspiration.” You might be saying, my mom or dad, do not do this or that, they probably make mistakes, but remember we are all human, we all make mistakes. Tell your relatives how much they mean to you, your cousins, your friends. Tell them: “Thanks for your friendship. I’m so blessed that god put you in my life.” Thank your wife who takes care of the children, who does not complain so that you (as a husband) can accomplish your dreams. Every one of us has people around that are helping in shaping us, whose help make us who we are and help us win in life.

Do not overlook people. You cannot write your life story without including me and I cannot write my life story without including you. God created us together to complement each other. Thank you for praying for me, for making me a better person. Remember your thoughts do not bless anybody. I can think all day long, how much I love you, how much I value you but love is not love until it is expressed, until it is given away, pick up the phone and tell the people around, be it your mom, your dad, your best friend, your wife, your husband, your grandparents, your siblings, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, how much they mean to you. Remember, there is a satisfaction that comes when you take time thanking and appreciating people in your life.

I shall end by a quote from Osho which carries great weight:

“Whenever you put your ego aside, you feel such joy in you that naturally you start learning that whenever the ego is there sitting on top of you, it creates misery; whenever it is aside, bliss arises. The arithmetic then is simple – if you want to be eternally blissful drop this ego forever; and that is the second step, gratitude. Once these two steps have been taken the journey is complete. In two steps the journey is complete.”

If you are still reading what I posted here, then I shall thank you for the taking time to read this, thank you, and remember you are awesome!


Time has come for her to wave Goodbye

The medical report came and she suddenly felt lame,

For nothing is going to be the same.


She died a thousand deaths on seeing those words on that piece of paper,

This is counted already now, as her life’s disaster.

She is suffering, yes suffering from a disease which made her life shatter.


Yet, she drags herself to and through the world of superficial relationships and broken dreams,

And all she wants now is to be happy and to have everything, maybe even impossible it seemed.


She experienced break up,

She wished for now she could, with her crush, patch up.


She once saw rainbows and now she sees darkness stretching far and beyond.


Some perceive her as kind and sometimes even mad,

Some as generous, others as bad.


Her crush do surely gets confused about her attitudes,

And would always find her unbearable and sometimes rude.


Some think she swears a lot,

or  she is even tagged as arrogant, by a whole lot.


So many labels stuck too tight to be peeled off,

But, she knew surely, she’ll die with a smile and some ‘good laughs’.


She sat there dragging out stories from long ago,

About her failures and conquests that now haunt her and bring her sorrow.


She knows her disease is like hot water being poured in a cracked glass and she is  that crack in that glass,

And the disease would slowly be killing her and she knows well she won’t last.


She is aware there is no point in crying,

She has always fought for what she has wanted in life and there was no point in lamenting for with each ticking of the clock she was reminded that her death  was approaching.


She will die for sure, but like a Lady,

She will lead the best life possible, ask for forgiveness even if she’ll appear ridicule like a donkey,

for she has maybe some years or some months to live like a pampered baby.


May be she’s not yet ready to wave goodbye

But life is too bitter and weird just like a lie.


Either she gets busy living or gets busy dying,

there ain’t anything in-between.


And time will come soon,

For her to wave goodbye for she has no another life-boon…