All we need is love! (Valentine’s Day)

Just go shopping and all the stores are decked out in red to celebrate it. Yes, I am talking about Valentine’s Day! Celebrated on the 14th of February! Who was St Valentine and why was he such a romantic? My ten minutes of research online suggests that the origin stories for Valentine’s Day abound from the Roman fertility festival of Lupercalia to the tale of the martyred St. Valentine. Nothing very romantic about that! Then I read February 14th is commonly believed to be the start of birds’ mating season, adding to the idea that the middle of February should be a day of romance. Even Shakespeare got in on it: in Hamlet (written around the turn of the 17th century) Ophelia sings, “Tomorrow is Saint Valentine’s day, All in the morning betime, And I a maid at your window, To be your Valentine.” Such a hype about it!

Just log onto your Facebook and your news feeds are either a weird mix of couples showing their love or others showing their twisted insides in anti-love rants. The media is going rampant with it. It’s all over social networking sites, I have to say. Does anyone actually love Valentine’s Day? Yes! The manufacturers of lingerie, chocolates, and cards, the rose flower sellers, the restaurants’ owners; they all do! I can’t help but notice the Valentine’s Day paraphernalia in the stores: the cards, the chocolates, the teddy bears, the flowers, and the roses, the expressions of undying love, the love songs on the radio, cute couple holding hands smiling lovingly into each others eyes and amongst others. Sorry. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. Excuse me while I swallow my own vomit.

Valentine’s Day – It sure means spending more money on gifts and seeing obnoxious public displays of affection everywhere you go. I have never understood why people should go the extra mile to celebrate love on just one day out of the year. But why this specific date, I mean, who on this planet had the right and authority to decide that this particular day had to be celebrated as a day of love? Why can’t we just not buy into this commercial gimmick and live all days with love instead of going all extravagantly lovey-dovey one day? Love should be celebrated fully every single day, don’t you think? You don’t need a designated day to express your love, do you?

My opinion aside, love is a most beautiful feeling and we shall all celebrate it every single day. Single or taken, everyone should feel love in their lives in one way or another. It sure is a special day for lovebirds to celebrate their relationship, enjoy each others company, and hopefully receive copious amounts of chocolate. But most importantly I presume, you have to learn to love your own darn self more on that very day.

Love is not in the gifts, the flowers, the chocolates you receive or the sexual intercourse after a candle light dinner. Love is in taking care of yourself; love is in spending quality time with your parents; love is in cooking or baking in the company of your mom in the kitchen, love is in your grandparents’ advice and stories; love is in dad’s hug or a forehead kiss; love is in your little sister’s colouring the family pic with her broken crayons; love is in watching a football match with your friends from your locality; love is in that stranger’s smile; love is everywhere! We just need to learn to savour little moments of happiness like these, the ones that make your lips stretch a bit and makes you glow.

I have nothing against valentine’s day or lovers. I am just annoyed about the commercialism associated to the very essence of love. Go forth into the world and put a little more love and smile into it than what was there before. On this note, happy valentine’s day!valentinesday-cards


Professor Basdeo Bissoondoyal College- A Palace unlike others!


Erstwhile, more precisely on the 13th of June 1930, thunder and lightning struck. Zillions of shiny particles fell and pooled together giving birth to a King with a vision to give his people the most precious gift of life, that of education. The King’s name was Mr. Ramnath Jeetah and in January 1956 he founded his castle at “Flacq-land” in order to make secondary education accessible to all the people of his country. The Castle’s name was Eastern College and it was renamed on 4th September 1991 as Professor Basdeo Bissoondoyal College (PBBC) as a tribute to Professor Basdeo Bissoondoyal for his immense contribution in the campaign against illiteracy and ignorance.


The King- The Godfather- Mr. Ramnath Jeetah

In that majestic palace, there lived about 3000 beautiful beings, that is, the princes and princesses. The castle was the biggest among the many other little castles (private secondary schools) around the island of Mauritius.  PBBC palace was irreplaceable and those residing there were unique. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that they had their own cultures and values which they spread everywhere they go and even on their “Facebook” group. ( ).



The Legacy!

The Palace.

The PBBC princes and princesses have always stood by each other, bringing fame and success to their realm, be it in sports and in their academic field.  They excelled in several competitions namely drama, boxing, and football amongst other arenas. Hand in hand with their Educators and all the members (administrative and non-teaching staff) in the palace, who had an unquestionable zeal for knowledge coupled with clarity of thought and beauty, the PBBC princes and princesses achieve wonders and spread the PBBC fragrance and culture wherever they go.

Guided by their “Queen-mothers”, (Dr. D. Beharee (Rector-Girls) and Ms. N. Jeetah (Rector- Boys), the elder princes and princesses made it a must to set an exemplary behavior for the little princes and princesses to follow. They always carry themselves with Royalty for they believe in their motto: “Enter to learn…Go forth to serve”.  They all work like busy ants to organize events like sports day, open day, and so on in order to promote the PBBC culture. There is panoply of flagrant instances where they come as a family to serve others. The passion of serving each other for them is like the shared feeling with each other to keep up to the name of the school and fellow PBBC princes and princesses are kins, the uniform is their skin, the castle (school) a home and education, a religion beyond any barrier that creates citizens of tomorrow.

Singing the song “Forward Bissoondoyal college march on, march on, march!” made them different from others for they flaunt it like they mean it no matter what. The song:

“Forward Bissoondoyal college march on, march on, march!

Raise the motto you deserve:
” Enter to learn go forth to serve”
March on, march on, Boys and Girls!
Boys and Girls, march on march!
In splendid array, march on, march!
For today it’s our day!
So, let us cheer,Hurray! Hurray!

Forward Bissoondoyal college march on, march on, march!
Let us resound and thrill today.
Let us make known to this island
That we grow on Flacq’s land.
Under the care of our manager
Whose name stands today ane ever!
Today and ever!”

The castle (school) is very well reputed for its harmonious PBBC culture and is classified among the biggest private secondary institutions in Mauritius. Professor Basdeo Bissoondoyal College has a specific recipe which kept them in solidarity all the time, that recipe is of no secret for the cookery is always successful  as more PBBC princes and princesses join in, in good and bad times to support their family; the “PBBC-Family”. This shows how much the beautiful beings at Professor Basdeo Bissoondoyal College admire their palace (School), their PBBC family and how much they want it to prosper.

Where else apart from Professor Basdeo Bissoondoyal College, can you find princes and princesses having the culture of munificence all the time? Well, that is why the PBBC palace (PBBC College) is the most special of all the palaces (Colleges). They have their own specialities and on this day they are celebrating the 60th year in the service of education. Hard as one may try, no other beings from other castles can ever inculcate their values and culture. Some are born great (like the King, Mr. Ramnath Jeetah, some achieve greatness (the educators at PBBC), and some have greatness imparted to them (the princes and princesses).

Long live Professor Basdeo Bissoondoyal College (Palace)!

La drogue synthetique p rend nou paralytique!

La drogue synthetique p rend nous ti zil paralytique!
Wazabi, c’est pas bien, 114, volcano, Black Mamba, Murder et encore lezot p amene enn changement negatif et drastique,
Nous ban zen p prend li comment dire enn antiseptique,
Zot halluciner, li pieds trembler, rythme cardiaque accelerer, voila quelques caracteriques!
Nissa la monte fort, to rente dans enn letat pres ek la mort, to envi mem faire koustik,
Ena p mem admet dans lopital psychiatrique,
Ek ena lezot p trouve enn la mort chaotique!
La drogue synthese p mene a ban problemes bien graves voir mem dramatiques
Situation nou ti zil bien bien critique!
Eyy ban jeunes, met 1 pause, aret ek la route synthetique,
Parceki li pa mene zot vers okenn l’aventir fantastik,
In vraiment l’heure pou change tactique,
Areter ek ban substances narcotiques,
Vinn realiste et pratique
Ek conner ki zot energetiques et dynamiques!


Bonne fête de l’indépendance – l’Île Maurice!

Le 12 Mars, enn date mémorable cot nou tou senti nou super fier d’être Morisien
Sel zour kot tou dimoune pou azir couma enn sel lepep, enn sel nation ek pou garde enn bon lien.
47 ans déjà, enn l’age synonyme de maturitE ek sagesse,
Certainement li enn moment de l’histoire très important pou nous ek en ce jour nous coz sa ek boucou dElicatesse.
Avec fierte nou pou coz lor père de la nation kinn « milite » pou nous l’indépendence
Mais cuma sak annEe pou ena 1 ta ban carnaval politik,
Bann spectacle beau en perspective, avec plein artistes ek ban bon la misik.
Soit disant p partaz l’ambiance nou fet national de nou ti zil ki touzours en décadence.
Partou lor television pou donne ban santE lor l’indEpendance aussi,
Tou publicitE, ki lor television, kil lor la gazette, partou pou ena rouz, blE, zonn, vert
Partou ou pou trouve bann ecrits bann expression en creole en different graffi pou montrE nou Mauritianisme en hauteur.
« 100 % Fiere d’etre Mauricien », sa mem bann paroles ou pou tendE partou partou
Ou pou trouve mem ban ti pavillon flottE, dans ban vehicules, laO lacaz, dans lekol ek plusieurs institution ki kav existE un peu partou.
Ban facebookers  pou update zot ‘profile pic’ ek ‘cover foto’ par 1 foto rouz, blE, zonn, vert, ou mem par nou logo de cette annEe ou par map ou pavillion Moris.
Boucou pou postE ban santE lor l’indépendance, ou mem pli direk encore, zot pou postE l’hymne Nationale nu zil Moris.
Seki pli drole encore, nous pays in gagne so nom d’apres enn Prince Hollandais, nou motto en Latin, nou l’hymne national en Anglais, nou media en fransE, ek nou langaz maternelle en creole !
Mais nou pays li zoli, ek c’est nou diversitE ki faire so beautE mem si li parEt drole.
La faudE gEt festivitEs, parade ek defilE, apres nous ceremonie levE du drapeau quadricolore.
Apre ceremonie protocolaire, bel bel manifestations grandioses pou ena pou promouvoir l’interculturalitE, patriotisme, pluralisme, apres pa conE quoi encore.
Tamtam, gammat, samem ki la plupart Morisien content!
Ban zenfant lekol pou forcE faire bann repetition, pou le grand zour mem si zot pa content !
Le grand zour, cote ena enn grand taux d’absenteisme, cot zenfant gagne gato ek jus ki paret enn ti festin bien complE
Cot tou zenfant chante « Glory to thee » ek ecoute mesaz du Premier ministre ek le PrEsident de la republik en langaz kolonyal sil vou plE !
Tou sa la, pou montrE ki soi disant nou tro attachE avek nou « motherland »
Li bon ki nou fier d’etre Morisien mais li ti pou bon ki pa ziss pou enn zour mais tous les zours ki nous faire preuve d’etre fiere de nou « motherland »
Nou habite dans 1 ti zil bien zoli, avek plizir kiltir, cot nou tou nou Morisien
Li ti pou bon nou met de place communalisme, ek nou aprann vivre ensam pou vrEment faire preuve de nou patriotisme, ek pou nou capav construire enn vEritable nation morisienne.
Pou nou capav montrE ki vrement nou ena 1 “Nouvo Destin Avec Lepep”.
Sur ceux, bonne fête de l’indépendance à tous bann citoyen Morisien !


Your eyes!

Your eyes, your dark brown eyes, mesmerising eyes, sparkling bright eyes, hypnotising eyes, intoxicating eyes, enthralling eyes…. I cannot help but look at your beautiful eyes. You may laugh at my stupidity, innocence or my childishness but I reiterate zillions of times that I love your eyes because the irresistible charm in them makes you more handsome. I love staring at your eyes and I even dream of them at times. Your eyes are so perfect in their own sense and all they seem to ask for is to be kissed and cared for. The glimmer in them can melt the harshest of hearts. The warmth in them always brings me a smile and makes my day. Oh boy, your eyes are just heavenly and when I look at them, things get all right. You may call it obsession but I call it admiration as I look at your lashes so fondly. I am so captivated by the absolute beauty of those beautiful pearls of brown. So much has to be said about your enchanting eyes; so much is still left to be said. I can tarnish page after page to tell you that nothing can match up the beauty of your eyes.


“Eye” love your eyes!

What exactly are you, brown-eyed guy?
You stare at me with those bright eyes; yes you do.
My eyes now able to meet your gaze would scream silently: “oh your eyes! They get me high!”
And you nodded showing that you understood, may be.

I see an ocean of intoxication, and all I do is look away,
close my eyes and dive in,
forgetting that I don’t know how to swim.
Asking them as birthday gift would be too selfish
and ridiculously childish!

Those sparkles and twinkles of your eyes are deeply momentous.
Endlessly deep they sure are!
Would you let me stare into them for a single moment?
Just gazing into them, is all I wish.
Oh boy, I wish you knew how perfect they are to me.
They capture me, enrapture me!

Your eyes, mesmerising eyes, enthralling eyes,
Intoxicating eyes, weed-smoking eyes,
stoned eyes, nicotine-addicted eyes!
“ Eye” love your eyes;
for they make my day, yes they do!


Mo enn professeur, mo senti mwa fière

Tou ti commencé, par enn ti pensée à la manière,
ki travail enn professeur, li facile et super.
Zero stress, congé, l’école termine bonheur,
rentre lacaz avant quatre heures.
La vie en rose avec enn sourire d’enfer.

Mais enn seul cou, monn tombe dans la galère,
quand monn vinn MIE, dans l’institution tertiaire,
cot monn vivre ban moments de bonheur,
mais aussi ban expériences austères,
kinn faire moi gagne bann égratignures.
Travail professeur, pas si facile, mo ban frères ; sœurs !
Ena ban moments to trouve zéclair,
et to l’esprit tourne comment hélicoptère.
Mais monn commence grandi et vinn mature
par tou ban modules ki mo ban lecturer in instruire
comment curriculum, didactics, PPS, encore ban lezot matières.

A la MIE to pou trouve teacher training bien militaire.
Mo pa Shakespeare, ni Voltaire,
mais ban assignments in rend mo la vie amer, super dur,
mais tou sa la in faire mwa vin bon dans mo filière,
et in pousse moi a réfléchir ,
ki dans domaine l’enseignement, ena boucou travail a faire.

Dans lesson planning, monn vinn enn expert,
grace a module « Principles of Teaching and learning » et Bloom’s taxonomy bien sure,
monn apran differentiation, evaluation, classroom management, language teaching, ICT et encore boucou pa bizin dire.
Tou sa la in rend mo la vie meilleur, mem si monn faire boucou erreur dans mo sphère.

L’école ti enn champ de bataille pou moi mo bizin avoué frère et sœur,
mo ti peur,
zelev faire mwa gagne nerf,
et zot ti p prend mwa pou zot adversaire.
Au début, dans comprend zelev, monn faire ban erreur,
monn faire face a ban situation ki faire twa envie zet to lecorp dans la rivière.
Monn découvert,
ki sak zelev différent et unique quand monn alle faire stage dans l’école sécondaire.
Ena ki divoltere, bien désordeur, ki faire l’école buissonnière, ki faire toi gagne arret du cœur.
Ena ki ban bon travailleur et sème la joie comment ban fleurs, ki rend to la vie zoli comment ban fougère.

Mo levé, tombé dans mo parcour professeur,
mo pou contigne milité dans mo parcour mem si mo encore amateur.
Monn réaliser ki quand to calmé toi ek enn sourire,
li vinn facile à gère ban situations sans faire colère.
Ban motivational and learning theories in faire moi vinn populaire,
Socio-emotional development, cognitive development, Maslow’s deficiency of needs,
intrinsic and extrinsic motivation et boucou d’autre critère, comment dire recette grand-mère,
in faire moi commence vinn enn bon professeur.

La vie enn professeur, li pa en rose bien sure,Aster nepli bizin etre trop sévère,
nepli bizin criyé, crée tonnerre
pou gère la classe bien sure.
Critical incident in faire mwa trouve zéclair,
crazé, vinn la poussière,
mais monn re-levé comme enn médailleur.
Monn apran a accepté l’opinion ban collègues et zelev sans crée la barrière,
sans faire enn figir boxeur.

mais mo senti mwa fière,
et mo toujours envie contigne mo l’aventure
et contigne apran pou faire mo carrière.

Après un an et demi, monn grandi et monn trouve simé la lumière,
mo fière et faire mo carrière dans professorat c’est mo désir.
Levé, tombé sans cesse, mo contigne apran mo ban grammaires et littérature.
Mo parcour li comment enn la rivière
ki contigne allé dans enn l’océan grandeur nature.
Apran jamais fini dow mo frère et sœur.
Enn  professer li bizin pa peur,Mo enn professeur, mo bien fière
Anglais c’est mo filière.
Bizin expert dans la matière,  zot dire.
Mais mwa mo pensé apart conne to filière tou ban camarade ki ici d’ailleurs, to bizin dinamik bien sur,
To bizin montré to zelev simé la limière,
Bon manière,
Ban valeurs,
Et pa bizin ena okenn barrière,
Sinon to zelev pou gagne twa amer,
Zot pou traite twa comment ene vipère.

Mem si ban zelev ran to la vie misère,
Mem si zot faire twa passe enn martyre,
Mem si zot montré twa l’enfer,
Et mem si zot vulgaire,
To bizin touzour ena patience, reste courageuse et fière,
Moris c’est enn ti zil bien zoli, avek plizir kiltir,
Alors en tant ki professeur, to bizin atann gagne bann zelev kalitE lor couleur.

To bizin pa peur,
Pa faire colere,
Pa seme la terreur,
Parceki, to ban zelev c to ban zenfants, très chère,
Zot tou compte lor twa pou produire  ban bon citoyen du futur,
Pou nou pays to ene docteur,
To aussi responsable developement la zenness, apart lire et ecrire,
To dans enn bataille cot pou bienetre to zelev,to bizin laguerre,
C’est sa mo l’identitE, ma chere,
Mo enn professeur, mo bien fière !


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